Common Pests in South Perth

Pests are a frustrating reality for any homeowner.

Every responsible homeowner does a lot of work to keep the home pest-free. Being human, though, we always miss a spot or two. In these gaps, bugs, mice, and other unwanted guests can come through. When that happens, fighting them off requires knowing how to handle the problem.

As an old cartoon used to say, “knowing is half the battle.”

In South Perth, the three most common pests are rats, varying species of snakes, and mosquitoes.

Baiting is a sensible tactic for handling rats.

Poison bait is best in only one or two spots, the areas most travelled by the pests. Two weeks is the minimum if you want to reduce numbers. You’ll usually only see the deaths about seven days after eating the bait, but it can take up to two weeks.

If you use bait, be sure to read any safety instructions. The manufacturers have directions for how to use them. You also need to know what to do in case someone in the family ingests it.

Be sure to keep the bait away from children, pets, and from your food.

For mosquitoes, the best method for dealing with the pest is to prevent breeding. These pests can infest any home that’s lax in the standard procedure.

You’ll want to remove any sources of stagnant water. If you can’t remove them – say, they’re pot plant bases or blocked gutters – you’ll need to find a way to cover them instead.

Fish ponds will have need actual fish. Swimming pools have to be empty or chlorinated if not in use. Birdbaths and fountains undergo weekly screening and cleaning.

Do you have rainwater tanks? You want to screen those.

Foliage can harbour mosquitoes, too. Cut them back, both to keep them from being home to bugs and to prevent them from being unsightly.

Your home should have fly screen doors and windows and kept in good condition. Septic tank lids have to be sealed, so the bugs don’t fly into them and use them to breed.

As for snakes, that can be a complicated matter.

snake-208585_1280Snakes linger in Perth mostly during the spring and summer. A large number of species are toxic and poisonous. Different species behave in a variety of ways, so it’s difficult to cover all you need to know in one place.

The best course of action when you encounter a snake in your home in South Perth is to call the authorities. Some species might are under the Wildlife Conservation Act, which means you have to call in the right people.

You’ll most likely find snakes in wood piles or green waste. If there are mice in the area, the snake will linger there as well. Cutting long grass can reduce the cover the snakes use as a hiding place.

Welcome Spring

Welcome to Spring everyone.

Or, a belated welcome to spring I should say…We are on the 13th after all.

With a bit of luck, the cold winter weather will soon pass and we will be on our way to warmer days.

Fortunately, there is a beautiful community in South Perth of people who support and look after each other.

So when the nights are cold and you need a friend you can call someone, or join in for dinner, or go out for a nice hot meal.

When I used to be killing bugs as a pest controller myself back in Sydney, several years ago, I experienced a very similar thing.

The community around me was very friendly and helpful. They all lent a helping hand where and when they could, often no questions asked.

I am very pleased that despite the move into a new neighborhood, now no longer recently, that this type of caring culture remains.

With the welcome of spring, people begin to come out of the woodwork and start to spread their wings again.

The sun begins to beam through into the dark, cold corners of the house, and the frozen up joints of the body.

The dandelions and lilies at the front of my house have begin to bloom and the birds and other critters have started to frolic in the trees and warmth of the sun.

I must say, this is probably my favourite time of year. When it is too cold to be hot, and too hot to be cold.

Put on a pair of jeans and a jumper and you feel just right (in my opinion anyway)

I guess before we know it, we will be back to the full warmth and UV light of the Perth Summer Sun. Let us enjoy this time of year whilst we still can.

What are you looking forward to getting up to in the coming months? Maybe see old friends? Start planting some new vegetables or plants? Maybe begin reading or writing a new book?

Either way, I wish you the best.

For now, from here at South Capitol Neighborhood. We wish you a happy spring and hope to share some light with you in the coming months.

For those of you who come by my neck of the woods, please feel free to drop me a line and we can arrange to catch up and say hello.

For now, let us talk again soon.

Organic Ways to Control Pests in Your Garden

Whenever we talk about pest control, the first thing that comes into mind are chemicals. While this is the general idea of typical pest control, it becomes rater questionable whenever we use the traditional methods on our own garden. You wouldn’t want your vegetables to be laced with pesticides, right?

So if you want to deal with the pests in your garden without jeopardizing the health of your family, here are some ideas on how to control pests on your garden organically.


Did someone say bugs?

I moved into South Perth approximately 3 years ago from the North and I love it.

The people are very friendly, there are always lots of activities on and everything is close by, whether that be shops, cinemas, fremantle, music, the city and much more.

However strangely enough, what I noticed in South Perth is the high amount of bugs. Bugs?! I know, strange. Let me explain.

In the time I have been in South Perth (3 years) I have lived in 4 different places, in all different regions of the area. Yet What i have noticed that si so strange about this, is the amount of bugs that are present, somewhat everywhere.

I have spoken to a few of my friends and colleagues who also live in the area and they say the same thing. None of us are too sure why exactly this is, but it seems to be a common theme, and Im glad im not the only one. Had I been, perhaps it was my odor… anyway that is for another topic.

So a little concerned by these high level of bugs, whether it was ants, cockroaches, or other, I had to call in a Pest Control guru to come and resolve my issue.

Fortunately a dear friend of mine, who lives nearby is indeed in this industry and was able to help me eradicate my problem, all 4 times in each house

I definitely recommend him as each and every time the problem has stopped, at least for a period of 12 months. He is fast, effective and very affordable (or perhaps that was the mates rates) and the problem i.e the bug was gone.

Anyway if you are in South Perth and you have a problem, click on this Pest Control link and it will take you to his site, he is a local helping locals.

South Capitol Neighborhood

Hello People from South Capital Neighborhood.
For those of you who are new here, when we talk about South Capital neighborhood, we are talking about South Perth,

As Perth is the ‘Capital’ City of Western Australia and south of the river refers to South Perth. Great so now that we are all up to date welcome everyone.

South Capitol is going to talk about everything that is happening in South Perth, or potentially could be happening.

We are happy to take feedback or suggestions from you, so please feel free to cast your votes, opinions etc etc. So let us begin.

The City of South Perth is an Australian Local Government area and is in the inner southern suburbs of WA (yes there is more than just South Perth in the south of WA…)

The Central business district, more commonly known as the CBD is approximately 4 kms North. The area that makes up South Perth is 19.8kms2 and was originally founded way back in 1892… some hundred plus years ago.

Under the division of swan, South Perth has grown into a wonderful hub for many to visit.

Hello world, or in this case, South Perth.

I would say hello world,

However I don’t think that the ‘World’ will be seeing this blog, and this I am ok with.

I actually prefer it hehe.

More correctly stated, Hello ‘South Perth’ to my friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances and other.

Please enjoy this blog, it is about or South Capitol Neighborhood after all.

Perhaps you may find some insight, be inspired, or just enjoy yourself with a read of content that I provide.

Looking forward to sharing stories and other with you in the future.

South Perth