Organic Ways to Control Pests in Your Garden

Whenever we talk about pest control, the first thing that comes into mind are chemicals. While this is the general idea of typical pest control, it becomes rater questionable whenever we use the traditional methods on our own garden. You wouldn’t want your vegetables to be laced with pesticides, right?

So if you want to deal with the pests in your garden without jeopardizing the health of your family, here are some ideas on how to control pests on your garden organically.


Did someone say bugs?

I moved into South Perth approximately 3 years ago from the North and I love it.

The people are very friendly, there are always lots of activities on and everything is close by, whether that be shops, cinemas, fremantle, music, the city and much more.

However strangely enough, what I noticed in South Perth is the high amount of bugs. Bugs?! I know, strange. Let me explain.

In the time I have been in South Perth (3 years) I have lived in 4 different places, in all different regions of the area. Yet What i have noticed that si so strange about this, is the amount of bugs that are present, somewhat everywhere.

I have spoken to a few of my friends and colleagues who also live in the area and they say the same thing. None of us are too sure why exactly this is, but it seems to be a common theme, and Im glad im not the only one. Had I been, perhaps it was my odor… anyway that is for another topic.

So a little concerned by these high level of bugs, whether it was ants, cockroaches, or other, I had to call in a Pest Control guru to come and resolve my issue.

Fortunately a dear friend of mine, who lives nearby is indeed in this industry and was able to help me eradicate my problem, all 4 times in each house

I definitely recommend him as each and every time the problem has stopped, at least for a period of 12 months. He is fast, effective and very affordable (or perhaps that was the mates rates) and the problem i.e the bug was gone.

Anyway if you are in South Perth and you have a problem, click on this Pest Control link and it will take you to his site, he is a local helping locals.

South Capitol Neighborhood

Hello People from South Capital Neighborhood.
For those of you who are new here, when we talk about South Capital neighborhood, we are talking about South Perth,

As Perth is the ‘Capital’ City of Western Australia and south of the river refers to South Perth. Great so now that we are all up to date welcome everyone.

South Capitol is going to talk about everything that is happening in South Perth, or potentially could be happening.

We are happy to take feedback or suggestions from you, so please feel free to cast your votes, opinions etc etc. So let us begin.

The City of South Perth is an Australian Local Government area and is in the inner southern suburbs of WA (yes there is more than just South Perth in the south of WA…)

The Central business district, more commonly known as the CBD is approximately 4 kms North. The area that makes up South Perth is 19.8kms2 and was originally founded way back in 1892… some hundred plus years ago.

Under the division of swan, South Perth has grown into a wonderful hub for many to visit.